Emergency Services Specialist

Seattle, WA
United States

Security Industry Specialists

5001 to 10000 employees

Security Industry Specialists, Inc. provides unique security solutions to Fortune 500 luxury brands and tech companies, special events, and celebrity clients. Our partnerships demonstrate that our boutique approach is a welcome change in an industry not typically recognized for creative solutions.

Our corporate culture is the tangible result of our commitment rather than just an abstract idea or concept. Those who have experienced SIS -- whether as an employee or client -- will attest to the fact that there is something different about the way our employees conduct themselves and feel about their responsibilities. Ultimately, it is this commitment and drive that separate SIS from the competition.

Security Industry Specialists provides innovative security solutions and services for people, their assets and facilities — anywhere, any time — in a comprehensive manner tailored to meet the individualized needs of each client.

Company Info

Job description

Security Industry Specialists (SIS) provides security solutions to some of the most recognized companies and brands in the world. We deliver services that consistently exceed those of our peers. We accomplish this through innovation, constant process improvement, and through an uncompromising commitment to hiring, retaining and rewarding the best talent available.

General Statement of Job

The Emergency Services Specialist provides a safe and secure environment for the client. SIS personally designs a comprehensive plan to ensure that the client has the freedom to work and conduct their business without distractions. The focus of the Emergency Services Specialist is providing security support to events, programs, and executives locally. This position focuses on the safety, security and privacy of our customer teams, vendors, and associates while ensuring business continuity. This is a very fast paced; highly dynamic, and mobile team that partner with local law enforcement and emergency medical service providers. This position reports directly to the Director of Special Operations

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions

  • Develop and manage customized security plans for specialized and sensitive events in the Seattle area
  • Develop and execute operation plans for specialized and sensitive events in Seattle
  • Conduct pre-event site and threat assessments
  • Manage security, law enforcement, and medical personnel as part of the overall security plan
  • Provide briefings to all levels of customers and partners including executives as needed
  • Prepare and manage security-operating plans
  • Initiate emergency-response actions in the event of crises, emergencies or threats to designated executives and provide first responder level medical support as circumstances dictate. Takes proactive measures to prevent such incidents and performs reactively
  • Conduct security threat assessments while reviewing the daily schedule and projected itinerary of the executives to identify potential security and safety related issues
  • Perform logistical support by coordinating with hosts, staff, drivers and others to ensure a seamless and consistent application of protective security measures while maintaining communication with the client Security Operations, support personnel and key stakeholders
  • Coordinate the planning and execution for visiting VIP’s to include Heads of State, political leaders and executives from other organizations to ensure a safe environment
  • Participate in professional forums and maintain current with trends, actions and issue with emphasis on terrorism, criminal threats, workplace violence, political instability, civil conflicts and developments in the executive protection field

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

  • Current active law enforcement (required)
  • A solid security/law enforcement background showing progressive responsibility
  • Experience making high stress decisions in a fast paced-dynamic environment with the ability to work with little to no supervision
  • Experience developing and managing security plans for various sized events
  • Executive protection experience
  • Ability to work as an individual and part of a complex team
  • Excellent judgment, discretion and diplomacy
  • Strong communication both written and verbal
  • Comfortable with domestic travel and in some cases on short notice
  • Must be able and willing to be available 24/7 as needed
  • Must possess excellent time management, written and verbal communication skills, and administrative skills
  • Must be a dependable team player with business maturity and a positive attitude

Education and/or Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent preferred
  • Minimum 3 year’s related safety/law enforcement experience
  • POST Certification
  • Must have an active CCW

Security Industry Specialists, Inc. (SIS)

Seattle, WA
Department of Licensing- Business and Professions Division Private Security Guard Company #729 Private Investigation Services #1760

Work location: Seattle, WA

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