Outside Sales Representative - Entry-Level

Philadelphia, PA
United States

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Job description

As an Entry-Level Outside Sales Representative, Great Power Comes Great Responsibility:

  • Using your consultative sales techniques you will help customer’s find real solutions to their problems
  • You will become your client’s most trusted resource, building relationships and closing deals
  • Selling automation solutions in the manufacturing, factory, laboratory and research environments
  • Progress through an in-depth, hands-on training program for 5 months (all paid), learning to become an expert in your field

As an Outside Sales Representative, You are the Person Without Fear:

  • Able to come to the table with at least a Bachelor’s Degree - required
  • Able to embrace 60% of every week visiting face to face with clients
  • Able to gain access to prospects via telephone 2 days per week
  • Able to leap over any obstacle to help your clients and close deals

You Know That You’re the Best There is at What You Do:

  • You have the power of persuasion
  • You are seeking a long-term, growth oriented career
  • You have the adaptability factor
  • You know both how to lead and how to be the sidekick
  • You have energy and enthusiasm for building relationships
  • You are driven to compete
  • You have the resiliency of Sisyphus

As an Outside Sales Representative You Will be Taken Care of Like You had Your Own Alfred Pennyworth:

  1. Generous Base Salary + Bonuses (Starting Base Salary of $50,000+)
    Year One Average Comp: $80,000
    Year Two Average Comp: $100,000
  2. Generous Technology
  3. Generous Benefits
  4. Generous 401k
    Corporate Matching
    100% Vested from the Beginning

Work location: Philadelphia, PA

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