Business Internship; No Experience Necessary! - Location Chicago

Chicago, IL
United States

Forward Continuance

1 to 50 employees

At Forward Continuance we specialize in face to face marketing and appreciate that it is important to implement direct marketing as part of your marketing mix in order to fully maximize on customer acquisition and gain impressive results, fast.

We operate an exclusively person orientated marketing style, lending a friendly face to established brands. We are direct marketing specialists.

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Job description

Business Internship; No Experience Necessary!

Learn and Improve Your:

  • Marketing Skills
  • Sales Techniques
  • Customer Service Tactics
  • Team Leadership Abilities

Forward Continuance in Chicago are looking to fill 10-12 openings as we prepare for the New Year.

We would like to meet with you to discuss our current openings, our business philosophy, our company culture, and where you could potentially fit in with us!

We offer all new starts full product training, and on-site mentoring to ensure you are able to represent clients effectively and confidently.

Since our client portfolio is growing, we will have Team Leadership and Business Management opportunities available.

We always offer these opportunities from within rather than outsourcing them; and it’s based on results, not seniority.

We host in-store promotions and pop-up events on behalf our clients to:

  • spread awareness about their products and services
  • promote their latest offers and current packages
  • enhance their brand and their image to the public
  • guide new customers through the registration process

All applicants need to be 18+ years of age and able to commute to Chicago each day.

For more information, visit our website, our LinkedIn page, and our social media pages.

Don’t wait to take the next step towards the future you deserve! Apply today! We look forward to hearing from you!

Please make sure your contact details are current and that you’re monitoring your phone and email account for contact from us. We’ll be moving forward with appointments straight away.

Consumer and client demand are at an all-time high for us, so we’re looking for career starters, career changers, graduates, students, and others with an interest in learning transferable sales, marketing, customer service, business, leadership, recruitment, and management skills.

Company Description

At Forward Continuance we celebrate the power of good old-fashioned conversation as an effective promotional tool that is able to connect clients with customers via a host of personable, accessible and reliable platforms. It is our personal touch that distinguishes us in a highly competitive industry; we favor quality over quantity in everything we do, customizing our service to meet the needs of each individual client.

With our growth goals, we are looking for applicants with experience in customer service, sales, retail, events and recruiting.

Work location: Chicago, IL

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