Insurance Agents Needed Full Time & Part Time (Build Passive Income)

Phoenix, AZ
United States

Equis Financial

201 to 500 employees

Equis Financial is The Agent's Company. We were founded by veteran life insurance agents that wanted to create an agent-focused company. A company where agents received the lion's share of the commissions, renewals, and bonuses. A company where agents could build a long and profitable career. We believe we have accomplished that. Our agents utilize our exclusive lead system to offer qualified prospects mortgage protection, final expense, life insurance, and annuities. By leveraging our lead system and our state-of-the-art support system, our agents are able to quickly build a solid client base that provides them with a lifetime of renewals and repeat business, along with new prospects each week.

Our mission is to respect and invest in our most valuable resource, our agents, by providing a secure and innovative environment to start and build a lasting career.

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Job description

The Brooks Agency is looking for someone who is self-motivated, confident and ambitious. Someone comfortable and confident with people. Sales experience is always a plus, but not necessary. We are looking for someone who is passionate about success and helping people, someone who is willing to put in the work needed to reach their goals. You must be driven, yet humble, coachable and teachable.

We specialize in Mortgage Protection Insurance and Final Expense. Some of our term policies offer a return of premium, where our clients receive back every penny they've ever paid into the policy. Our agents can also offer Whole Life, Indexed Universal Life and Annuities. You are a field underwriter here, to serve your clients better.

Our Leads:

Those in your area who have recently purchased or refinanced a home receive a letter regarding Mortgage Protection Insurance. They do four things 1. They open the mail. 2. They read the letter. 3. They fill out their information. 4. They mail it back, interested in what we have to offer. You will be calling to follow up, set an appointment and offer them a couple of policies to choose from. NO COLD CALLING! This is straight forward and is perfect for someone seeking a solid position with a company with integrity. Mentorship and training is provided free!

Our System:

Our proven system includes extra-ordinary mentorship and support combined with an in-house lead generation system that allows our agents to have THE competitive edge in the industry.

Whether you are an experienced life agent, sales person, recent college graduate, or you're looking for a part time opportunity, you will find the nation's most effective training and the best marketing platform available.

We Offer:

• Performance based promotions every 2 months

• A+ leads with an appointment setting ratio of 70%

• A selling system that is validated by agents nationwide

• A training system that offers you support from day one

• A flexible schedule that allows you to work on your own time

• Access to REAL time leads and customized mailings specific for YOU, so that you can spend your time making sales and not creating leads.

We are the most Powerful Income-Producing Organization in the Industry. Equis Financial is designed with the Agent in mind. Our program is a TurnKey System that enables anyone who has what it takes, and is committed, to achieve Financial Independence.

We have agents making $15k to $80k per month thru their own personal production!

Applicant must have a strong work ethic and be driven to succeed and willing to go above and beyond to achieve above average results. You must be willing to work for your $120k your first year. If you are willing to plug into our proven system, then the sky is the limit here. If YOU are in the 20% who do 80% of the work, then you will be rewarded beyond your expectations here.

This is a commission based job.

About The Brooks Agency:

The Brooks Agency is passionate about creating entrepreneurial platform for both personal producers who desire an active six-figure income and agency builders who want to create a passive income where the sky is the limit.

Company Description

Work location: Phoenix, AZ

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