CP GA: Competitive SALES REP $95K-$250k 1st year, NO COLD CALLING

College Park, GA
United States

Symmetry Financial Group

501 to 1000 employees

Symmetry Financial Group is the fastest growing insurance marketing organization in the country. Our extensive portfolio of life and annuity products offer many options, including Term, UL, EIUL, Disability, Critical Illness, Annuity, EIA, SPIA, LTC and more. With that in mind, we believe that the future of any company depends on its people; therefore, we've structured our corporate philosophy around the betterment of our agents. Our main focus includes getting agents paid quickly, keep costs minimal and providing the training/support needed to achieve substantial success. Other companies bombard their agents with over-priced leads, costly memberships and training to generate more revenue for the company. While we believe education and motivation are vital, we don't believe it necessary to create revenue from these avenues. SFG is your partner in production, providing the best contracts available, along with excellent commissions and superior support. Contact us today to find out more!

Symmetry Financial Group was established with the goal of helping to bring balance to the professional and personal lives of independent insurance agents and agency builders. We will strive to provide our sales force with the most innovative marketing and lead programs, while offering the highest quality insurance products and services to our clients.

Through years of experience, Symmetry Financial Group has created an incredible business model that is both simple to follow and easy to duplicate.

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Tired of doing more work for the same pay as the slackers? Do you like healthy competition? Would you like recognition when you do well? If so we are hiring people like you.

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We pay our team members what they are worth. The ones who follow our simple system and take advantage of mentorship program succeed at an unbelievable level. We have many examples of former military, restaurant workers, truck drivers, executive level and doctorate level people who plug their work ethic into our system and go from a $20-30k a year position into a $70k, $100k, and beyond income.

We help families who ask for our assistance. The work isn't always easy, but it's worth it.

Compete with some of the top individuals and teams in the nation for incentive trips, recognition, fast promotions, and more!

We are Symmetry Financial Group. We are looking for insurance producers to respond to our clients' requests for Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, and Tax-Free, Risk-Free Retirement Planning.

We have an in-house lead generator to get you in touch with the clients that have requested our services (no cold calling or door knocking). We have weekly training and 1-on-1 mentorship to ensure your success. We have a plug-and-play system that guides you step-by-step on exactly how much work you need to do to achieve your financial and personal goals.

Bonus incentives, local training and one-on-one mentorship. Get paid fast. Earn raises every two months for meeting base guidelines. Commission based income with a step-by-step system to ensure your success.

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Company Description

We are the Marino Agency, part of Symmetry Financial Group. Our focus is to care for our clients and our team members. We put a lot into training you to develop as a professional, a leader, and a person. High focus on maximizing your time to increase your profitability. Learn more at MeetSFG.com/jobs

Work location: College Park, GA

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