***Sales Representative PT or FT Ground Floor Opportunity Immediate***

Nashville, TN
United States

Equis Financial

201 to 500 employees

Equis Financial is The Agent's Company. We were founded by veteran life insurance agents that wanted to create an agent-focused company. A company where agents received the lion's share of the commissions, renewals, and bonuses. A company where agents could build a long and profitable career. We believe we have accomplished that. Our agents utilize our exclusive lead system to offer qualified prospects mortgage protection, final expense, life insurance, and annuities. By leveraging our lead system and our state-of-the-art support system, our agents are able to quickly build a solid client base that provides them with a lifetime of renewals and repeat business, along with new prospects each week.

Our mission is to respect and invest in our most valuable resource, our agents, by providing a secure and innovative environment to start and build a lasting career.

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Join The Ever Growing Field Of Mortgage Protection Sales

This Industry is on a Rapid Growth Spurt!!!

There are more homes being purchased in America than ever right now and Mortgage Protection is the #1 needed product!!!


Product: Mortgage Protection Insurance

Statistic: "2 of the top 5 reasons people foreclose on their homes in the United States are caused by Death or Disability"Huffington Post


Leads: Direct Mail - We mail to new homeowners or newly refinanced homeowners letting them know about product


pays your mortgage off in the event of death

pays your mortgage payments in the event of a disability

*returns your premiums if the product is unused

Information required for return - Name / DOB / Height / Weight / Smoking Status / Phone Number / Sign / Mail Back to US!!


Avg Cost of Product $80-$120 a month

Ex: 80x12=960 x 75% = 720 <--- Producer's Cut

Producers Bonus Off Sales - 1%-3%

Ex: 960x(10-30%) 192.00 (using 20%) <--- Managers cut off sell using min Premium.

Bonus 2%-5% off total team premium monthly


Interactive Online Training - 24hrs Access

Agent Support Hotline - 24hr Availability

Podcast Training - 24hr Access

Regional In Person Training - Every 4 weeks

Company Description


EQUIS FINANCIAL is an Insurance Sales Company focused on Mortgage Protection Sales.
We are an Industry leader and have collective experience of 50+ years in the industry.
We work with top tier insurance providers to make sure our clients receive the best possible products
We are 100% focused on making sure our sales forces is paid the very best in the industry.

For More Information Contact:
941 320 8793

Work location: Nashville, TN

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